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Parametric Fence Pier Revit Family

Parametric Fence Pier Revit Family

Price: $5.00

For sale is this parametric fence pier revit family. Pier has parameters that enable the following:
1) Varying Pier Width
2) Varying Pier Length
3) Varying Pier Height
4) Varying Pier Material
5) Varying Square Top Width
6) Varying Square Top Length
7) Varying Square Top Height
8) Varying Square Top Material
9) On/Off switch for Square Top.
10)Varying Pyramid Top Height
11) Varying Pyramid Top Width
12) Varying Pyramid Top Length
13) Varying Pyramid Top Material
14) On/Off switch for Pyramid Top

These options enable you to create a single pier of any size, with or without a square top (of any size) and with or without a pyramid top (of any size).

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