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Revit 2017 Family - Civil - Kiosk - Parametric

Revit 2017 Family - Civil - Kiosk

Price: $6.00

For sale is this Revit 2017 version, parametric Civil Engineering Kiosk family.

The family contains size and finish parameters and has 8 standard kiosk types including:

1) 700W x 400D x 1000H
2) 800W x 500D x 1000H
3) 800W x 1000D x 1000H
4) 1000W x 400D x 1200H
5) 1000W x 600D x 1200H
6) 2500W x 1500D x 2400H
7) 2720W x 1900D x 2500H
8) 3520W x 1850D x 2600H

All are finished British Racing Green or Light Grey BS 00A05.

If you have an questions, just drop me an email at

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